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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mike Grant and I live in the Denver Colorado Metro Area. I can be contacted via this website or directly by email mikegrant1208@gmail.com or call me at 720-341-1558.

Pet Portraits are a specialty of mine although most of my work is largely inspired by nature. I try to incorporate the mood or feeling I get from nature through color and light. Living in Colorado offers endless inspiration. I grew up in Florida and still draw inspiration from the images in my memory based on those early years.

Watercolor is my favorite medium as it often takes on a mind of its' own and leads the artist in surprising and interesting directions. Watercolor also tends to force the artist to work quickly and creates a sort of dance with the medium.

I also dabble in color pencil, pen and ink,and Acrylic.
Please take a moment to look over my portfolio. I also do commission work, portraits of people and pets from photographs and have done a few murals in my day. I tend to work quickly but lean toward realistic interpretation with mood emotion, light, and movement as an integral part of the composition.

I hope you enjoy my work and I welcome commissions, special requests, comments, suggestions, questions or just a hello.